About Us

Rapid Granulator

We are proud to be the pioneers in delivering granulators for recycling of plastic waste. With over 100,000 machines delivered worldwide, we are honored to be an integral part of our customers’ production process – delivering solutions that directly impact their profitability. 

Rapid was founded in 1942 in Bredaryd, Sweden and has since grown steadily with close collaboration of our customers. Our European Headquarters and main manufacturing plant is still located in Bredaryd, Sweden. In 1976, a production facility in the US was started and is located in Leetsdale, PA. We also have offices in Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, China and the Philippines. Additionally, we have a committed network of distributors in over 150 countries. 

We design and deliver granulation solutions to customers in the most diverse applications and market segments. Most of our granulators are either fully or partly customized to suit their unique needs. 

As pioneers in the field, we continue to drive development forward with innovative solutions. Our focus is to always offer energy-efficient machines, developed with the lowest possible CO2 footprint. 

We are dedicated to fully supporting our customers worldwide – either on-site or on-line depending on their preference and need.