200 Series

The models in the Rapid 200 series are ideal for direct recycling of sprues and reject products, especially from injection molding and blow molding machines. 4 different widths are available in the standard versions with capacity up to 200 kg/h. 

Thanks to various customizing options such as different cutterhouses, rotor configurations, rotor speeds, etc., we can offer a granulator that can be adapted to your specific requirements. 

Regardless of your production conditions, we have a 200 series model that will suit your specific needs.  

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Configurable cutterhouse – depending on application. 
  • High-quality regrind – thanks to scissor cutting technology and a constant distance between the screen and the knife-edges. 
  • Compact and flexible – several types of infeeds, including manual feeding, belts, roller feeds etc.  
  • Reversible screen – extends service life. 
  • Constant Cutting Circle (CCC).
200 Series