Raptor DUO

ONE-step solution. Fully integrated granulator into the Raptor chassis. Based on the bespoken Rapid 400 series. Bolted modular design enables easy change of wear parts. Available for Raptor 1350.

  • Open-Hearted design.
  • Lower energy consumption with double scissors cutting action.
  • Pre-adjustable knives for optimal knife sharpness.
  • High quality regrind.
  • Reversible screen – for longer life.
  • Constant Cutting Circle (CCC).
  • New Pusher system with upgraded pneumatic cylinders – allows the operator to increase the output and thus makes the machine more versatile for different applications.
  • Newly Designed Corrugated floor – opens up usage for demanding applications such as with sheet, big bags, and thin wall materials. 
Raptor DUO