Recycling Solutions


Recycling of Pipes/Profiles

  • Customized solutions for pipes and profiles.
  • Combination inputs for maximum flexibility.
  • Lifting aids for feeding the products.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 600-120 with special combi-infeed – conveyor belt with metal detector in the front for fittings or cut-pipe pieces and side-mounted input for pipes and profiles.

600 120 With Mov. Hopperext

Customized Total Solution for Pipes/Profiles

  • Rapid 600 granulator placed in pit.
  • Tiltable feed chute for easy handling of long pipes and profiles.
  • Side-feed style of hopper for efficient granulation.
  • Dust separation system for high-quality granules.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 600-120 with side-feed style hopper.

Movable hopper with hose-feeder for feeding pipes and profiles

  • Continuous feeding with automated closing/opening of cutter knives.
  • Separate feed mechanism for feeding hose.
  • Both inputs lead to the same granulator placed in the pit.


Machines in this example:
Rapid 500-90 with special side inlet for pipes and profiles and inlet opening for hose with hose-feeder.

2X Movable Hose