Recycling Solutions

Sheet Extrusion

Recycling of Poly Carbonate Sheets

High-capacity granulation of 15 mm polycarbonate sheets.

600 series Open-Hearted granulator with efficient noise protection.

  • Customized solution for edge cuts and discs.
  • Multiple feed options.
  • Manually fed or other feeding methods such as conveyor belts.


Machine in this example:
Rapid 600-90 with special input for sheets.

600 90 UP Pit

Solution for polycarbonate sheets and edge trim

  • Custom configuration.
  • Granulators located in a pit for easy feeding of long parts.
  • Split infeed hopper for easier opening of hopper to simplify service and cleaning.
  • Heavy-duty transmission with extra flywheel.
  • Level indicators for monitoring the regrind level in granule bin.


Machine in the example:
Rapid 600-90 with special infeed for sheets.
Extra flywheel.